Monday, June 29, 2009

Views by Gp capt VK Vidyadhar

From: Vaidun Vidyadhar
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 6:00:09 AM
Subject: [indianveterans] Need to continue Struggle for OROP

Maj Gen Satbir Singh,

I fully support your stand on OROP.

The Cabinet Secretary has invited only the IESL team for discussion on the proposed, diluted, modified version of OROP because they, the IESL team, is amenable to such a diluted proposal. The IESL team has sold out the ESM community. The IESL team has done great damage and dis service to the cause of ESM.

The IESL team, does not unfortunately represent the aspirations of the larger ESM community.

Gp Capt VK Vidyadhar (Retd)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Repy to Gp capt BV Rao

Dear Gp Capt Rao,

Pl rest assured that we at the IESM are fully seized of the discrimnation being suffered by ESM in receipt of disability pensions and have taken up this issue along with that of OROP with the GOI and would continue to pursue it with vigour. Our attempt at present is to see that the disabilty pension of the pre 2006 retirees is fixed at the same levels as that for post 2006 retirees.

In any case, I am forwarding this mail to Vice Adm Barin Ghose of our Steering Committee, who is heading our 'Pension' cell for dealing with individual cases, where required.

Best regards,

Maj Gen (Retd) PK Renjen, AVSM
Ph: 9810044542




Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 02:01:27 -0400


By now, those who are affected/interested in general welfare of disabled veterans are aware of the continued disparity in the disability element of pension between the Pre-2006 Veterans on one part and the Post-2006 Veterans along with civilian pensioners on the other side. I am an affected person; Hence desire to write in first person on this topic.

My right leg has been amputated in 1965, after two years of service, and assessed to 80% disability at the time of retirement in 1994. On implementation of 5th CPC, I was given Rs. 2080/- pm towards disability element of pension wef 01 Jan 96. At that time, I fully trusted the Govt of India for its impartiality; Never thought that a civilian pensioner drawing same pension as my service element, with 80% disability would be given higher amount - actually he was given disability element of pension of Rs 4104/-. Parliamentary standing commitee on Defence,in its report in 2003, has highlighted this disparity and has recommended an early resolution of injustice. When no action was taken, I represented to the Air Hqs and to the Air Force Assn - later to The Chief of Air-staff; Even subsequent reminders did not invoke any response.

However, I expected the above anomaly to have been sorted out while implementing the 6th CPC Report by revising the disability element to be at least equal to that granted to civilian pensioners. This too is not done; The letter dated 04 May 09 merely added 40% of the basic amount which was granted from 01 Jan 06.; In fact, there was no revision as the said amount was already incorporated in the earlier Pension revision letter dated 11 Nov 08.

It is pertinent to note that the Para 136.15 of 5th CPC Report itself, in some other context, has drawn attention to the violation of Principle of Equality - stressed that same benefits as are applicable to the Civilian Pensioners should also be extended to the members of the Armed Forces. In spite of this, the order of the supreme court has been violated, while also revising the disability element of pension to pre-2006 veterans effective both from 01 Jan 96 & 01 Jan 06.

The above mentioned situation is to be viewed in the scenario which follows:-

A person with disability would be in permanent lower medical category. Hence, he is barred from promotions to selection ranks, also foreign postings. In my case, there were occasions when the reviewing officers specifically informed me that he would like to withold the exceptional report from me, being restricted to 10% of strength, as it would not yield any useful result to me in terms of better career. In spite of this, when my name appeared in the select list for Wg Cdr rank, it was made subject to medical clearance. Subsequently, I sought and Chief of Air-staff waived this requirement leading to further promotions. What I want to highlight is that , disabled members in armed forces miss their promotions too due to which their Service element of pension would also be less than what would have been had he not been disabled. To compensate for this situation, the disability element of veterans should be at a higher rate than his Civilian counterpart.

I request those who are getting opportunity to involve in the brief for NFDC ON OROP to be aware of the above-mentioned special link of medical fitness for promotions in the Armed forces and the additional losses incurred by disabled veterans as compared to Civilian countrparts. The fact that there had been hardly a couple of mails on the subject of 'DISPARITY IN DISABILITY PENSION' shows that the DISABLED VETERANS, as a class, have reconciled to their fate and hardly have supporters who have appreciated their case.

Jai Hind,

Gp Capt BV Rao(Retd)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New IESM members by Col Raman..Tamil Nadu

Dear Veterans,
> I thank Lt Col T Arunagiri for his tireless effort in recruiting members for
> the IESM. I have received the completed Application Forms of 30 PBOR along
> with IOB ch No 657255 dated 18-06-09 for an amount of Rs 3,000/-, which will
> be deposited in HDFC Bank today.
> Our Meeting on 12 July will also chalk out the programme for Kargil Day on
> 26 July, in Tamilnadu. Kindly forward your views. I am also contacting Maj
> Ravindran for telecasting his highly acclaimed Movie on Kargil, Kurukshetra.
> Best Wishes,
> Veteran Raman

Monday, June 15, 2009

Views of Lt Col james Kanagaraj

From: James Kanagaraj

To: Kamboj Chander ; Cdr Sharan Ahuja ; raj kadyan ; VIJAY OBEROI ; Harbhajan Singh
Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 7:16 AM

Subject: IESM: Open Letter- Call for Unity

Dear all,
We need to get all the ESM organisations together if the demand for "Pension Parity" for lakhs of PBORs is to succeed. We need to exert pressure on the Cabinet Committee to recommend OROP or APIP, whatever we call so that all pre 2006 ESM get justice. One Time Increase or bridging th gap is only a ploy by Government to hoodwink the ESM organisations into accepting a modified plan wrought with more anomalies. We need to guard against such machinations!
With regards and best wishes,
James Kanagaraj
Report My Signal Blog Team

Veteran Voice: Call for Unity
For all of those currently caught in the debate that is taking place within progressive ESM organizations; the common denominator amongst us is that we are all Ex Servicemen, all other considerations set aside. As such, we have quality of life issues that effect each and everyone of us, as well as that of our families, and increasingly that of our neighbors. We also have a responsibility to ensure that today's Jawans/ Soldiers are properly cared for. This, regardless of personal political ideology. There must be unity of purpose amongst us, in order to bring national focus on those issues, and create momentum for change or reform. Pragmatic solutions will not be forthcoming, not without our setting aside our political and ideological differences, and agreeing to work together on achievable common focus issues. By pooling our talents and our resources at the grass-roots, we can bring about change, at the national level.
The model for this as a workable strategy is exemplified by open letter to all the ESM community, from Raj Kadyan, Indian Ex Servicemen Movement, President. It is based on striving for unity as spoken by Vijay Oberoi, SK Bahri, and ever so many other Veterans; they have already put the plan into action which is slowly but surely bearing fruits. Unity of purpose, and clearly defined achievable works!
James Kanagaraj

Views of Lt Gen v madan mhow

From: vijay madan

Subject: Meeting Of Ex-Servicemens Organisation--11th June 09

Cc: "satbir singh" , "REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj)"

Date: Friday, 12 June, 2009, 5:57 PM

Dear Raj,
Let me first congratulate you on your initiative in calling all the various Ex-Servicemens Orgs to the meeting in the Delhi DSOI. You and your team has been doing yeomens work. But I do feel that OROP should not be the only goal for which we should get together. To start with we must come together as one organisation and not fragmented ones,either indulging in one-upmanship or pursueing different issues seperately. It is high time we came together as one All India Organisation. This is the sincere request of someone who in the fading years of his life would like to believe that he is voicing the desires of many like him.
Vijay Madan

Lt Gen V Madan (Mhow, MP)
From: James Kanagaraj
To: Kamboj Chander ; Cdr Sharan Ahuja ; raj kadyan ; VIJAY OBEROI ; Harbhajan Singh
Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 7:16 AM
Subject: IESM: Open Letter- Call for Unity

Dear all,
We need to get all the ESM organisations together if the demand for "Pension Parity" for lakhs of PBORs is to succeed. We need to exert pressure on the Cabinet Committee to recommend OROP or APIP, whatever we call so that all pre 2006 ESM get justice. One Time Increase or bridging th gap is only a ploy by Government to hoodwink the ESM organisations into accepting a modified plan wrought with more anomalies. We need to guard against such machinations!
With regards and best wishes,
James Kanagaraj
Report My Signal Blog Team

Views of CDR SS Kandal

From: suryajit singh kandal
Date: Sunday, 14 June, 2009, 12:10 PM

Dear Brig Kamboj

I have been on listenening watch all along for the last 2 years after subscribing to your RMS blog and have mostly read the members' signals with admiration and sometimes with a pinch of salt. One learnt in the Service that the World comes with all types and that's what makes Life Worth living.

This OROP issue seems to be becoming a Crusade for the Pre 2006 retirees. I too am one of those too(Jan 2005), however, it would really be Worth It, only and only if, this is an effort for POSTERITY!! It would be the greatness of the IESM to project it as such and to work as such. FOR ALL ESM OF TODAY AND THOSE OF THE FUTURE!!

Making it look like it is only relevant for the Pre 2006 retirees makes it Narrow Minded and Unbecoming of an Organisation which is Projecting itself as an All India ESM representation. Members need to think Big and for the Future, since that is where Greatness lies!!

Let me also take the opportunity to convey my appreciation of the Yeoman work being done by you and the Core group. God bless you all with Good Health and hapiness, ALWAYS.

With warmest regards,


Cdr SS Kandal, IN (Retd)
General Manager

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Views by Airforce veteran Sunil

Dear Lt. Gen Raj Kadyan Sir,

In response to the SITREP issued by you in REPORT MY SIGNAL dt 08/06/09, We wish to place before you few points for consideration, along with devising a common strategy in enhancing the cause of OROP,during the meeting to be held on 11th June 2009, as we from Mysore would not be able to participate.

1) Now since a new government is in power,they could be pressurized through a collective representation at all levels of IESM, throughout the country. HQ, IESM can draft a common memorandum and circulate to all levels of IESM, a date could be fixed throughout the country, media could be apprised of the event and then the memorandum along with local issues if any, could be handed over to the Deputy commissioners or the local heads of all districts, and most importantly, the elected MP of the constituency BY HAND. Places where IESM is yet to be formed, a copy of the draft could be sent to all District HQ'S and all the 542 MP's by name from HQ,IESM. All MP's, irrespective of political parties, they are affiliated to, would then be accountable to this noble cause.

2) Sainik Boards at all levels are to be revamped and made accountable throughout the country.

Veterans of all ranks are totally disgusted at the bureacratic way of functioning, and the same lame excuses of blaming the higher formations in not responding to any positive suggestions or complaints.

Suggestions:- HQ,IESM could play a major role with the central Government, highlight the present system and revamp the whole structure and organization of the sainik board, which has now become defunct, w.r.t pursuing the policies laid down. They have to made more accountable at all levels of their organization. IESM running the organization could also be thought of as a future vision, on a partnership basis. The root of the problem visible to me is that Veterans are being appointed as sainik board officials, and feel very sorry to say that these same people are trained during service years to only think inside the box and never give any thought to change their attitude of looking outside the box, after coming out of defense services.

As a paradigm shift, maybe the services of educated wives of veterans could possibly be the right answer to this vexed problem.

3) Whether it is true or not, some associations of veterans are taking credit for voicing the grassroots problems of veterans. It would be apt to mention at this point of time, that it has even affected the membership drive of IESM here locally, and volunteers as officer and PBOR veterans feel they are left holding a begging bowl, trying to convince veterans to become members of IESM.At this juncture, we are at a loss for words in convincing that “IESM is Different”, and a time has come when some members are openly questioning the need of having meetings even once a month, when there are no directives or points issued by HQ, IESM, with respect to the participation or solving any local problems, except OROP.

Suggestion:- Directives with regard to local issues, common to all regions may please be issued from HQ, IESM, so that all IESM Members throughout the country speak in one voice.

Hope this points with suggestions could be an eye opener in pursuit of IESM being more effective.

We would appreciate if this mail is viewed in REPORT MY SIGNAL, with your kind reply after the meeting.

Warm Regards,

Veteran Sunil Rao.M.R

Convener-IESM, Mysore

#61, “AKSHAYA”, 3rd Block,

Jayalaxmipuram, Mysore-570012

Karnataka State.

Gallantary Awards sans respect- Vir Chakra symbolises monetary benefits? Views of Veteran Lalit Bhatnagar

From: Lalit Bhatnagar
Subject: Respect Gallantry Award Winners Get in the UK!
Date: Tuesday, 9 June, 2009, 10:22 PM
Dear Brigadier Kamboj,

I'm forwarding what I received from a friend. You may like to include this in your news letter.

With warm regards,

Lalit Bhatnagar
Passage from the pages 110 & 111 of the book `Toward Resurgent India ' written by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) M. M. Lakhera, PVSM,AVSM,VSM, one time Lt. Gov. of Pondicherry and now the Governor of Mizoram.

"I had gone to UK in 1995 as Deputy Leader of the Indian Delegation to take part in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the victory in Europe during the Second World War. I along with four other Army officers, had just stepped out after attending the inaugural session and were waiting on the roadside for the traffic to ease so as to walk across the road to the vehicle park. Among those with me was Honorary Captain Umrao Singh, a Victorian Cross winner (unfortunately, I have received the sad news of his expiry just two days back). All of a sudden a car moving on the road came to a halt in front of us and a well dressed gentleman stepped out. He approached Umrao Singh and said, "Sir, may I have the privilege of shaking hand with the Victoria Cross?" He shook hands with him. Evidently he had spotted Umrao Singh's medal from his car and had stopped his car to pay his respect to a winner of the highest gallantry medal of his country. Then he looked at me and said, "General, you are from Indian Army." When I replied in affirmative, he gave out his name, saying that he was Maichile Hailstine. I was absolutely astounded as the recognition dawned on me that he was the Deputy Prime Minister of UK .

I was totally overawed by such courtesy shown by a dignitary of the second highest status in the British Government and humbly thanked him for having invited our delegation for the VE Day function. Again his reply was typical of his sagacity, "General, it is we the British, who should be grateful to your country and your Armed Forces, who had helped us win both the first and the second World wars. How can we be ever so ungrateful to forget your country's great contribution."

Suddenly I became conscious that all the traffic behind his car had come to stand still. I hurried to thank him and politely requested him to move along to relieve the traffic hold-up. He stated, "Sir, how dare I drive off when Victoria Cross has to cross the road." Realizing his genuine feeling I and my colleagues quickly crossed the road. Reaching the other side I looked back and saw that Mr. Hailstine was still standing waiting for the Victoria Cross to be safely across.

Ladies & Gentlemen, that is the type of regards they have for their decorated soldiers. I have always aspired that similar respect could be shown at least to a Param Vir Chakra or Ashok Chakra winner by the leaders and prominent figures in our country."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Views By Cmde Anil Dhir

From: Anil Dhir
Subject: RE: "REPORT MY SIGNAL" - IESM SITREP FOR 04 JUN 09 - EMAIL 447/2009 - 05 JUN 09 - (C to G)

Date: Friday, 5 June, 2009, 8:10 AM
God bless our CORE GROUP team as also our brotheren, who sweated out under hard-ship at Jantar Mantar, day after day, for a just cause, as also for each one of us!

Those who shared their apprehensions about IESM action, had aired their views in frustration, as have been proven now! The fact remains that their apprehensions did boost up the detemination & resolution of Our Core Group, that is now achieving results in right direction, at right levels!

If we pause and think impartially, as to where our hopes were when IESM had 'started' just a few months ago (last year), and where our hopes have reached today, I am awesomely astonished!

IESM has done more than wonders so efficiently, for making OROP concept reach at national level, over such a short period, bearing healthy buds of hope, to turn into flowers to bear fruits of their efforts..... for both, all those who have served, and also serving in our Defence Forces....

It is natural for me, therefore, to have feeling within me to share and convey... JAI HO!

We do belong to a 'wonderful' family of our Armed Forces.... we the serving and veterans thereof!

Anil Dhir

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Views by Col AS Butalia ..Noida

Dear General,

I fully aprehend what you have stated. To pre-empt such a happening which the Govt is likely to resort, we need to immediately start agitating for full OROP or nothing. Once a truncated version is accepted or thrust upon us we can forget about it for at least the next 10 years. Besides, we need to motivate & educate the press for our cause & put it before the public before the Govt again gets a pliable journalist to crow about their largesse? The core committee has to urgently evolve a plan of action. I am sure you all are already applying your mind to it. Wish you all more power to your elbows.

Best regards,
Col. A S Butalia, SM, MAeSI (Veteran)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Views of Col Malaiappan on President's address

My Dear General

1. Heartiest Congradulations for you and your teams stupendous efforts. This is a forerunner for better things to come.
2. In political system when you ask for moon you will land up in between. Keep the tempo on
With best wishes and regards

Yours Sincerly

Colonel K Malaiappan (Retd), BE,MBA,(BL)
Phones 91 44 2532 5757 Office

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Views by Lt Col Suman Chandra..OROP

From: Suman Chandra

Subject: OROP

To: "chander kamboj" , "raj kadyan"
Date: Thursday, 4 June, 2009, 1:27 PM

Dear Sirs,

Efforts may have started to bear some fruits.

Part of President's address appearing in HT is sent herewith.

Warm Regards,

lt col suman chandra, vetran
Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, June 04, 2009

Report on one rank one pension by month end: President

President Pratibha Patil on Thursday said that the cabinet committee formed to look into the long standing 'one rank one pension' demand of armed forces veterans will submit its report by the end of June.
"The welfare of ex-servicemen will continue to be accorded high priority. The committee headed by the cabinet secretary to look into the issue of of one rank one pension has already commenced its work and expects to complete it by the end of June 2009," the president said in her address to a joint session of both houses in parliament.
The government formed the panel headed by cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar after many ex-servicemen returned their medals to protest the rejection of their 'one rank one pension' demand.
Ex-servicemen have so far returned about 13,000 medals won in combat or for distinguished service to Patil, who is the supreme commander of the armed forces.
However, the president has not met the protesters, who have handed over the medals in three batches to a member of her staff.
The Indian Ex-Servicemen's Movement (IESM) says that irrespective of the date on which a soldier retires, he or she should get the same pension. The government had rejected this demand earlier this year, pointing to the logistical and financial problems it would create.
Patil also talked about modernisation of the armed forces to counter the threat to the country.
"They (the armed forces) will be fully enabled with modern technology to repel any threat from land, sea or air. To enhance combat efficiency as also to address the requirements of the modern day warfare, a number of steps are underway," she said.

Views by brig JK Nangpal

From: jagdish nangpal


To: "Lt GEn Raj Kadyan"
Date: Thursday, 4 June, 2009, 3:50 PM
Dear Gen Kadyan,

Your efforts and that of the core Comittee have at least made the GOI take a serious note of the issue and it has found a mention in the President's address in the Joint Session to both the Houses today.

Thogh it says the a decision will be taken by the end of this month, we MUST NOT ACCEPT any thing less than full & complete OROP as defined in our demand.

Wish IESM the very best in their efforts.

J K Nangpal
S-119 (GF),
GK II, New Delhi-48

Views by Lt Gen V Madan

From: vijay madan

Subject: Presidents Address

To:, "satbir singh" , "REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj)"

Date: Thursday, 4 June, 2009, 5:59 PM

My very sincere congratulations.The fact that the Goverment had to take such serious notice of our movement as to include it in the President's address is a feather in your cap and and a recognition of your selfless and un-wavering efforts. We are proud of you and grateful.
Vijay Madan.

Lt Gen V Madan

Monday, June 1, 2009


From: Onkar Negi


Date: Monday, 1 June, 2009, 10:11 PM

Dear Sirs,
Compliments of the day.
Most honourably, it is being brought to your kind notice that in the wake of revision of pension in consonance with duly amended 6th Pay Commission Recommendations officers below Lt Colonel Rank especially Majors have not been considered justifiably. The following anomalies are high lighted for your perusal and taking up with the Govt.
a) Pre 1996, officers were promoted to substantive Major after 13 years of regular service, now Lt Col are being promoted at 13 years of service and are performing the same duties which Majors used to perform. A senior Maj with 16 years and above of service used to perform second in command of the unit which is now being performed by Colonels with 16 years of service. The qualification and service requirements for these catagories of officers is same as that of Majors. Then why pre 1996 retirees of Major Rank with 13 and 16 years of service are not taken at par with Lt Col and Colonel of post 2006. This must be read under the provisions of Article 14 and 16 of the Constitution. The contention is only for accruability of pensionary benefits.
b) If it is taken in right perspective then a parity of status and stature as existed earlier was among Lieutenants and Captains, Majors -Lt Colonels and Colonels, Brigadiers and Major Generals, Lieutenants Generals and Generals should be maintained even now. A time scale Lt Colonel was as good as a Major for all practical purposes. Now with implementation the 6th PCR there is a wide pensionary gap between Lt Cols and Majors. Here you would bear it out that both classes of officers are part of the same society and live with same dearness. Today the plight is that a post 2006 retired Subedar Majors are getting the same or in some cases more pension as that of pre 1996 retired Majors. Is it not a humiliation for officer cadre or the officer cadre is reckonable from Lt Colonels upwards? Retirement of Majors and Captains was very common during pre 1996 PCR.
c) In case of Maj Generals and Brigadiers pension issue and Pre 1996 and post 2006 pension differences in the same rank of Maj Generals the Hon’ble Supreme Court gave verdict in favour of the petitioners vide Supreme Court Cases 2008, Volume 9, Page no 125.
d) I have only one submission to the President of IESM League to approach the Govt for re-structuring the pay and pension for defence personnel whereby undue wide gaps are abridged judiciously and the pay pension and position of the Major Rank be protected as akin to Lt Colonel and Colonels.
I am sure you would appreciate the real concern and present it accordingly before the govt.
Let me wind up with best wishes and warmest regards.
Yours sincerely,
Onkar Singh Negi,
Maj (1990Retiree)

LIFE TIME ARREARS FOR VETERANS..Important for all...Retd people pls

Dear All

In view of this confusion, I had gone to my bank with the nomination paper. The bank authorities were very clear that since I am holding joint ac with my wife, there will be no difficulty in crediting all the dues approved by GOI. Further they also produced form which I had filled up at the time of my release duly giving the name of nominee chosen by me. He categorically stated that if you wish we would take the form but it will not add to whatever I had given at the time of release. Yes It is required in case some one wants to change the nominee.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Bank official did mention that many officers are coming with this nomination form but we are politely educating them.


VK Gandhi


Since all one has to do is to fill up, print out, sign and deliver just one sheet of paper, I would personally recommend that everyone should give the concerned form to the bankers. After all, if it later transpires that the nomination of a person for your bank account is NOT the same as this nomination, it will be too late as you are not around to do anything about it!!

And, this form has the space to give the name of one more nominee, in case of both the husband and wife pre-deceasing. That facility is NOT there for the bank account.

And, finally, this is for un-received pension arrears, specifically. The regular bank account nominee only has a lien on what is in the account. By the way, I do hope your pension account is already a joint account.

Think about it!

PS: This aspect has been thrashed threadbare on another service group and it has been advised that the nomination MUST be done.


Tele: 25684945 Central Organisation ECHS
Mil : 36833 Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Maude Line
Delhi Cantt – 10

B/49762/AG/ECHS 13 May 2009

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/ DGMS(N) for OIC ECHS


1. Reference Central Organisation letter No B/49762/AG/ECHS dated 23 Oct 06 and IHQ of MOD (Army), DGMS (Army) letter No B/75782/DGMS-5(B)/ESM dated 15 Dec 08.

2. There have been many representations and complaints from the environment regarding period of issue of medicines for chronic ailments. Many aged ex-servicemen are on long term treatment for chronic diseases who in most cases do not need any change of treatment. Most of these patients do not require any review by Medical Officer/ Specialist and just come from far off places to get prescription for being issued with medicines. It causes hardship and has resulted in great discontent amongst such patients.

3. Hence, it has been decided in consultation with DGMS(Army), to issue medicines upto 90 days based on prescription giving due consideration to the age, physical condition and place of dwelling of the patient.

(KJS Makker)
Wg Cdr
Offg Dir (Med)
Copy to :-

HQ Commands (Med Branch)

All Regional Centers

DGMS (Army) - Please connect your letter B/75068/DGMS-5B
dated 17 Apr 09 and our letter No B/ 49762/AG/
ECHS dated 01May 09


Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 12:19:33 +0530

Dear Sirs,

This is to alert veterans to possible problems with due arrears in their pension,if any of them pass away before receiving them. Pls remember that when a pensioner is alive to receive the arrears,there will be no problem.But serious hardships will result for the surviving family if the pensioner demises while arrears earned during the the life time were still due. According to MOD letter No 4(2)/84/868/B/D(pension/services) dt 9/6/84 a nomination for LTA(Life Time Arrears) is required to be filled in favour of first nominee (Wife) or a second nominee if first nominee predeceases pensioner as per FORM.A(Rule 5). I am not able to transmit the exact format for lack of expertise on my part.

2. No LTA can be paid to any inheritor even if the name is mentioed in the PPO or in a will.

3. According to me the above mentioned letter of 1984 should stand superceded since the spouse can NOW hold pension account JOINTLY which earlier was not allowed prior to 2000/2001(I can not recall the year in which this order became operational). Any LTA will come in the joint pension account and which can be drawn by the spouse without any hassels.

I would request the IESM authorities to confirm to all veterans whether the above contention is right or NOT.If Not, what action is suggested.


Yours sincerely,

Lt Col Manjit Singh Khurana

C-511 Defence Colony, New Delhi -110024

Tele 011-41551296; Mob9999203 992