Thursday, July 9, 2009

IESM Membership drive by Cdr R Pathak & Brig Luktuke..Pune

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From: Ravindra Pathak
Date: 2009/7/8
Subject: IESM Membership

Dear All

At last Brig Luktuke was able to get a small item published in a local Marathi paper.It has had a tremendous response particularly from Widows and PBOR.Officers by and large are usual still with their nose in the air attitude.

I have had two interesting contacts.One from the local head of IESL who wishes to meet me and said on phone that we can work together.I have invited him to come home and discuss.Let us see if he actually does come.

The other was a call from One MR Ajit Desai who is a civilian with military background and claims his ancestral land was donated for the MLI centre at Belguam.He is planning a big event for ESM next year and wishes us to get associated.Once i have spoken to him will revert.

The point is that with two inserts in the papers at no cost we have had a very good response and so this media to spread awareness must be used to the maximum.Merely reports of medals being returned etc have not had the desired effect of people coming to join as they have no idea whom to contact.

During discussions with people who called i felt that we will have to evolve a method of reaching out to those who are members on a regular basis.This not being done by IESL is a major crib of most.Many have asked when the meetiing of all members will be.I have no answer as this is what the Convener should be doing.Todate no one has heard about any plans for Kargil day on 26th Jul in Pune.I and some of us have an invitation from Bangalore but all quiet on Pune front so far.

A suggestion has also been made that we could look at a possibility of having a helpline for members through which they could reach us in cases of emergency or for other queries.

Again the problem of non payment or wrong payment of dues by bank has emerged as a major issue even with officers.I feel IESM should start to tackle these issues also as if we do succeed and are able to get it across to the members that we are going to look at these issues we will get members much quicker.Even a letter to the concerned authority would help.

A point about the IESM site.Could we consider it as a means of earning for the IESM?Many ESM have varied business from marriage bureaus for ESM wards to purely commercial.I am sure we could earn by letting them advert on the site.

There are many ESM who are staying on their own and are often at a loss to understand many issues that affect them.They do not know where to go for help in case of emergency.A suggestion was made that either a group like NRI Parents association or a helpline could be set up. May be IESM could take a lead looking into this issue.

Cribs about ECHS continue.


R W Pathak

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